The ExtremeWireless WiNG NX 5500 brings the next-generation in WLAN speed, security, reliability, and flexibility to the midsize enterprise, providing comprehensive management and control of up to 512 network elements through a single pane of glass. With the NX 5500, all network infrastructure is empowered with the intelligence to make the best routing decisions, so you get maximum speed and throughput — the congestion and latency associated with routing traffic through a centralized controller is eliminated.

The NX 5500 multi-core network processing platform supports up to 512 access points, well suited for small to midsize deployments. Its rich set of integrated services — including router, firewall, VPN, AAA/Radius server and DHCP/DNS server — eliminates the need for any additional hardware without compromising system performance. And the integrated application visibility engine provides the necessary intelligence to identify, categorize, and filter/block/control network bandwidth usage based on your business needs.